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We were looking for an entertainer to close our company’s three-day retreat and were so glad to be referred to Lyndy Phillips. Lyndy’s customized event for us was hysterical, mind-blowing, sentimental, motivating, and of course, entertaining! Our entire staff buzzed for hours afterward wondering, “How did he do that?!” Thank you Lyndy!

JupiterOne Cybersecurity

Lyndy Phillips exceeded our expectations!!!! He had the entire crowd engaged and laughing the entire time. He was great to work with when he arrived on-site and we would highly recommend him for future events and to other Farm Bureaus!

Nebraska Farm Bureau

Lyndy knocked it out of the park at our annual banquet. He was the perfect respite from the stress of the last couple of years. Just looking out across the room one could see how entertained and engaged the guests were. We received so many positive comments about him after his performance. He will be hard to top. Thank you for such an enjoyable night!

Rock/Nobles Cattlemen Association

Lyndy had our NCPGA members in tears they were laughing so hard. He has a clean, funny and entertaining presentation. We would recommend him for any group that needs a good laugh to reduce some stress.

North Carolina Propane Gas Association

Unparalleled Audience Engagement!

Immerse your audience in a spellbinding experience with Lyndy Phillips’ ‘VIP Magic.’ Through his dynamic engagement techniques, Lyndy weaves clean humor seamlessly into his mind-blowing magic, leaving your guests captivated and enthralled. Whether it’s interactive illusions or mind-reading feats, every moment will be infused with excitement, ensuring an unforgettable and impactful event for your esteemed employees or corporate clients.

World-Class Entertainment

In the realm of corporate entertainment, ‘VIP Magic’ truly stands out as a premier choice. Lyndy Phillips’ exceptional blend of corporate expertise and world-class magic delivers an unrivaled experience. Your employees or corporate clients will revel in the exclusive and sophisticated nature of the show, ensuring your event is celebrated for its uniqueness and leaving a lasting impact that will set your company apart from others.

Building Connection

Lyndy Phillips goes beyond awe-inspiring magic; he forges genuine connections with your guests. With his charismatic personality and natural rapport-building abilities, Lyndy creates an atmosphere of camaraderie and trust, fostering meaningful interactions among attendees. Through shared moments of astonishment, ‘VIP Magic’ leaves a lasting impression that strengthens relationships and reinforces the bond between your company and your valued employees or clients.

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Building Connection

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